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Inspired, sincere, and authentic

René Beaumont SA 1.JPG


Ultimate forms are the centre of all works. Forms, shapes, they fascinate. Settling for the existing then seems too shallow, too easy. Creating implies a genesis, actively bringing about new dimensions in a composition that is not afraid of transcending realities, thus creating new archetypes.


My works are mainly traditionally inspired. The themes chosen often reveal a predilection for classical cultures or the body of thoughts of olden days. From mythological metaphors to traditional academic topics, preferably in a less obvious context or in combination with contrasting elements. Often the inspiring thought was just as fascinating as the completed sculpture itself. Yet this needs hardly be relevant when ‘beauty’ or ‘impact’ should be at stake.


The execution falls back on traditional, tried and tested techniques. Trade. Craft. Patience. Love for the matter. Always based on a solid knowledge of materials, processes and production methods. Respect, too, if not above all. Authenticity, with an eye for detail in any phase of the process of creation and creating.

In the end, it is all about the translation of ideas into substance; transition, thus metamorphosing matter (and finding the corresponding coordinates in it...).

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